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Neuropractic Care

At the heart of our services is our specialized approach to neuropractic care, where we integrate principles of both neurology and chiropractic.

This holistic approach addresses not only the spine but also the intricate connection between the nervous system and overall health. Through neuropractic techniques, we aim to optimize the body's self-healing capabilities and enhance brain and body functionality.


Our NeuroGym service isn't just a typical exercise regimen.

It's a comprehensive 3-month course with multiple sessions each week, designed to engage you in advanced neurological exercises.

These sessions aim to improve brain-body coordination, enhance motor skills, and accelerate recovery.

QEEGs / Neurofeedback

Advanced diagnostic tool allows us to capture detailed electrical patterns of the brain, providing invaluable insights into brain function and potential areas of concern.

Harness the power of real-time brainwave biofeedback.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Experience the rejuvenating effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Utilizing a pressure chamber set at 2 atmospheres (ATM), we deliver 100% oxygen to supercharge your body's natural healing processes.
This elevated pressure allows for better oxygen absorption, making it highly effective for neurological conditions, faster injury recovery, and overall wellness enhancement.


What People Say About us

Since starting NeuroGym my strength has improved significantly without any plateaus in my progress.

I am able to be consistent in my workouts because the program is adaptable to my simple home gym and even when traveling without equipment.
The biggest benefit though has been in reducing my pain as Doc Brock treats and trains during each session

Sarah C.

Dr. Brock Johnson fixed all my neck and back issues in one sitting. I was having major issues after I had my son, who was very large and grew very quickly. I had pain everywhere from my shoulders, neck, lower back, along my spine, shoulder blades etc. and from carrying him. I’m also prone to neck and shoulder pain. When I went in, I wasn’t expecting miracles. However, this doctor is different in that he says he practices “neurology Chiropractics” which he says involves basically no bone cracking. There was none of that during my visit, only activation of different muscles and nerves. There was no pain during the visit, and relief was immediate. I’ve never recommended any chiropractor except this one. A+

Charlotte C.

Dr. Brock Johnson is an amazing neurological chiropractor, protecting the nerves while restoring function. I had a burning sensation in my shoulder and he narrowed down the source of the problem, and stopped further damage.

On subsequent visits, i had middle back and neck pain. And with a little work, we got the problem solved LONG TERM, not weekly visits. He is a great doctor and i recommend him to anyone who is thinking of seeing a chiropractor.

David Lieberman.